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We are here to change things. Propsell believes in fair fees and giving more control to the consumer.


We can confidently say that by making use of our platform that you will save money and stay in control of the process. No confusion, no exorbitant or hidden fees, just transparency and a lot less money leaving your wallet!

The vision is to transform an industry that to date has remained stagnant. Even though technological advances have made property transactions much more user friendly, conventional agencies still charge excessive fees. Prosell’s fixed fee services are about to change that for you and for the better!

YOU SELL DIRECT : Propsell allows you to sell your home directly through our website for a low one off payment. Complete the online valuation to get a price idea for your home, hit submit home and complete the upload panel with the information it requires and upload your images. Your “For Sale” sign should arrive within 5 working days.

WE SELL FOR YOU : In addition to this, Propsell also provides the professional value service should you require for a fixed fee upon sale. No Commissions are made from the sale of  your home and a full estate agency service is offered.

Propsell wants to become the UK’s most comprehensive property website, focused on empowering users with the resources they need to make better-informed property decisions and remain in control over their property advertising expenses. We help consumers both find their next home and research the market by combining property listings with market data, local information and community tools that includes an online valuation tool that allows the seller/landlord to value their homes in 60 seconds.

At Propsell we are fans of transparency and everything we do is aimed at making the market more efficient for both property consumers and advertisers alike. Propsell has aspirations that lay with becoming the UK’s leading online destination for property consumers to search for homes and do their market research and the favoured online marketing partner for UK estate agents, letting agents and property developers.

Propsell hopes to change the face of selling and managing your properties for the better and place control back in your hands.

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